Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kaiyaba School Receives More Blessings!

Onfire Agape Ministries' 2013 mission trip to Kenya concluded with the delivery of many materials to Kaiyaba Primary School. These items, as well as money to sponsor the trip, were donated by Goodwin Memorial Baptist Church, in Harrisburg, PA. This is the same church that was instrumental in assisting our ministry with bringing a clean, fresh water supply to Kaiyaba School as well. The official report from Onfire Agape Ministries, Kenya is presented below.





The items were brought  on 04/11/2013 at 3 pm. The lorry got stuck about 200 metres from the school. The lorry driver’s name is Peter Kamau ID No 432760096 mobile telephone No 0721460096. The driver did not have a delivery note for the items. He was sent by Mr .Ngang’a from Nairobi.

NOTE We received  43 boxes and 10 of them were already opened .We inspected the carton boxes before we stored them so as to distribute them to the children the following day. The school had closed that day because they had been informed that the items were on the way coming from Nairobi. We who  received the items were, I john Mwangi Ikinya the secretary of  Onfire  Agape Ministries Kenya, Samson Baiya Kariiith, the assistant secretary of the ministry, the school chairman and 10 other members of the school committee and the Head teacher and 12 members of  the staff in the school. The items received were as follows:

1.     230 schoolbags ,2 food bags

2.     100 hard cover note books

3.     300 bunches of foolscaps

4.     Writing pads 20 pieces

5.     Calculators scientific 3 pieces  ,4 ordinary and 6 small ones

6.     Pencils 1800 pieces

7.     Crayons’ 100 pieces

8.     Marker s 100 pieces

9.     Pens 50 pieces

10.  Files for folders 500 pieces

11.  Staplers  6 pieces

12.  Reading books 300 pieces

13.  Erasers 1800 pieces

14.  Hand bags 25 pieces

15.  And several other teaching aids materials.

We, the members of the board of Onfiire Agape Ministries Inc., the school management committee and the teaching staff wish to Thank You, the members of the Goodwin Memorial Baptist Church for your sacrifice and donation to the poor and needy children of Kaiyaba Primary School. Lord’s blessings to you also, from the managing school committee, the member of teaching staff and last but not least the board members of Onfire Agape Ministries Kenya.

Yours in service the secretary and assistant secretary, namely John Mwangi Ikenya and Samson Baiya Kariithi, Treasurer Josephat Njehia Mutembura. April 12, 2013.